Commemorative plaque - inauguration plate in aluminium

In search of a durable and weatherproof aluminium commemorative plaque or inauguration plate?

A commemoration plaque or an inauguration plate made of aluminium is the most asked engraved nameplate in its category and does not only pay tribute to, it also looks after a long-lasting memory of the moment of the inauguration or commemoration of either a person, building or special event.

For a personal matter, such as an inauguration or commemoration, it is excellent to choose for this alternative on a classic nameplate. Especially the price/quality ratio is attractive, because the anodized aluminium gives a lot of advantages, e.g. a high resistance to weathering and maintainability, through which this nameplate is at its best in the case of outdoor use.

What makes an inauguration plate or commemorative plaque so well? Read more down below and discover all the advantages of which you take advantage when investing in this product.

Best suitable for outdoor use

Every aluminium inauguration plate or commemorative plaque has a layer of anodic oxidation so that it is heavily protected against all kinds of influences of weather, e.g. rain, sun or coldness and that is why it is best suitable for outdoor use. Furthermore, to reinforce the durability of this nameplate even more, this anodization helps to protect the aluminium material so that the nameplate does not have to stand the test of time too soon.

Moreover, this protective layer has the advantage that the maintenance of en engraved inauguration plate or commemorative plaque is limited to a minimum. After all, the rain takes care of a natural cleaning and only dust needs to be removed every now and then to keep the nameplate clean. 

Wide range of colours and thicknesses

For a commemorative plaque or inauguration plate, there is a wide range of colours (e.g. blue or black) and thicknesses (e.g. 1,5 or 3 mm) from which you can choose. These different colours help to give the nameplate an increased visibility, while the thickness rather determines how prominent the nameplate is fixed, by means of inox threaded rods on the wall or facade.

An extra advantage of all these colours is that imitations of other materials are possible (e.g. gold anodized aluminium gets close to the look of a brass nameplate) so that you find the right solution every time.

Offer for your commemorative plaque or inauguration plate

A commemorative plaque or inauguration plate made of aluminium is the best of its kind for outdoor use. Ideal to inaugurate your building or location or to commemorate a person or an important event.

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