Engraving - Engraving

Engraving or engraving on objects are covered by the name engraving or engraving.

Just like a nameplate that is engraved, we mean by engraving the engraving on and in objects that are provided by the customer himself.
We think of engraving in a carafe or vase made of glass or crystal, a golden watch or a jewel, a silver or tin dish, a champagne bucket made of inox, stainless steel or EPNS silver, a key hanger, an urn, an object made of plexi, pieces or plates provided by the customer himself, but also industrial pieces such as stroke stamps, spray templates, spark electrodes, …

As a master engraver since 1946, we dare to do a lot and just like we see often, it is here at WP the end of many people their search for a specialist to engrave something in their object, here the last station – terminus then … and with success !