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In the search of a nameplate or name sign with your name, logo and/or house number indelibly engraved?

A nameplate or a name sign engraved in the traditional way has been a gorgeous execution for centuries where durability and style are at the centre. After all, an indelible engraving of a name, logo and/or house number stays visible eternally and exudes subtle class. Besides, an engraved creative, original layout on a nameplate or name sign that is varnished in the desired RAL-color leaves a strong impression on your environment.

At WP international, there is a wide range of plate material which each have a number of specific advantages through which they are a fitting solution for you. Curious to see how our offer looks like?

Aluminium nameplates and brass nameplates

Given that an aluminium nameplate is provided with a layer of anodic oxidation, this type of nameplates has the highest return when these have to hang outside on a wall or facade. This protective layer makes the nameplate extremely weatherproof and easy to maintain in order that you get years of enjoyment from your investment.

When a look and feel of a nameplate are important criteria, then brass nameplates are the best choice. Their brilliant warm gloss is extremely successful for liberal professions or lovers of the brass material. A nameplate made of brass is exclusive after all and the material can be treated in different ways (for example brushing or varnishing), depending on the preferences, wishes and/or situation.

Plexi nameplate and plastic nameplates

Because of the transparency of the material, a plexi nameplate is really popular when the look and feel is less important. The neutral nature sees to it that the nameplate does not dominate the underlying wall or facade. A clearly visible contrast between the used text colours and the wall or paries sees to a legible, but sober result.

Finally, a plastic nameplate is advantageous when your text or detailed logo has to be engraved quick and fine. For large quantities, these gravoply nameplates are even cheaper per unit. Their versatility makes them attractive for all kinds of purposes, such as bell nameplates, apartment numbers, letter box nameplates.

Offer for your nameplate

A nameplate or name sign with an engraving of your name, logo or house number? Get to know our best prices and receive your free quote within 48 hours.

We propose, depending on the preference or situation, an aluminium nameplate, brass nameplate, plexi nameplate or plastic nameplate or a combination of the preceding in order that a direct comparison is possible.