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    2. Who is WP international?

    Our webpage and our webshop are released by:

    051 225 148

    You can contact us via our contact form in case of questions or uncertainties.

    3. Our website

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    WP international has the right to modify, interrupt or end the access to the site without any preceding warning.

    On regular periods, the content of the website of WP international will be adapted and updated. Still, it is always possible that you find incomplete or dated information on our website. Direct or indirect damage caused by this, isn't our responsibility.

    If our site contains content that contravenes with the current legislation, that hurts the rights of other or is inappropriate, then we ask that our users report this. That way, we can delete the inapproriate content partially or completely.

    Prices and product information are indicated subject to errors that are peculiar to the system: programming errors and typos cannot be seen as binding for an agreement by the user.

    On this website, there is information that can be downloaded (texts, photos, movies, software, etc.). Downloading this information is always at own risk. WP international is not responsable for potential damage to your computer system or for the loss of data when downloading this information.

    Not only WP international has a responsability towards this site. As a user, you are also supposted to behave in a way that is not disadvantageous for the fluent operation and safe environment of this site. Therefore, we refer to damaging programs (like computer viruses, malware, worms, trojans etc) and the distribution of unsolicited commercial messages (such as junk mail, spamming, spammy content, chain mail etc) via our website. Damages claims are to be assigned to the user that caused the damage.

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    We are not responsable for the safe and correct operation of the linked websites, neither with the content that is mentionned on these website. We are not responsable for any kind of damage that is caused by these websites.

    The general terms and conditions of the linked websites can be different and may not always offer the same guarantees.

    5. Intellectual property rights

    Both the content (text material, blog articles, notes, photos, drawings, videos, audio fragments, etc) as the technical aspect of our website are protected by intellectual property rights. Copyright, software right and database rights are some examples of a non-limitative list. Any kind of violation of our intellectual property rights will be persecuted.

    6. Processing and protection of your personal data

    To follow up your questions and/or orders, WP international has to a number of personal data. Without giving us this personal data, we cannot follow up on your question.

    WP international processes your personal data as in the regulations in our privacy statement.

    7. General regulations

    Our website can be modified, extended or stopped at any given moment. Therefore, no compensation can be demanded by the visitor.

    Our general terms and conditions are connected with the regulations in the Belgian law. Disagreements are to be submitted to the authorized tribunal.

  • Privacy statement

    1. About this privacy statement

    We, WP international, attack a lot of importance to the protection of your personal data and your privacy. That is why we only use your personal data according to the privacy law and other relevant legal prescriptions. With privacy law, we mean the law of 8 december 1992 concerning the protection of the private life in relation to the processing of personal data. Every reference to the GDPR is a reference to the ordenance of 27 april 2016 concerning the protection of natural persons concerning the processing of personal data, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation.

    With this privacy statement, WP international wants to inform you about how personal data is processed and what your rights are. By using our website and our webshop, you explicitly give your permission that we may process your personal data.

    The possibility exists that this privacy statement is subjected to modifications in the future. We recommend you to consult this document regularly. Every considerable and essential modification will be clearly communicated.

    2. Who processes your personal data

    The website and the webshop is the property of:

    WP international

    Meensesteenweg 304

    8800 Roeselare


    BTW-nr: BE 0475924164


    Telephone: 051 225 148

    3a. What personal data are being processed:

    We, WP international, promise that, the data that we process, are necessary for the goals for which they were collected. The following personal data are processed by WP international:

    Identification data: all data of which can be derived who you are:
    More specifically:

    1. Name

    2. Last name

    3. E-mailaddress

    4. Telephone number

    5. Date of birth

    6. Address

    7. Payment details

    3b. Processing of email addresses via direct email traffic to our organization / company and/or data from existing customers or customer data:

    When you send us a contact form, or send an email directly to our organization or company with YOUR email and any other information (see point 3a) or leave the same information in any way with us, to obtain a quote or information from us or wish to communicate with us in any way , then you also agree that we may use this data for the purposes under point 4 - of the processing of your personal data .

    As far as customers are concerned, all information that we obtain is automatically kept in our administration system, on the one hand because it is legally obliged to keep it up to date termijn, on the other hand we also keep it to use it for the purposes referred to in point 4

    However , the customer or the person who receives such e-mails , and who no longer wishes to receive these e-mails ( commercial e-mails or newsletter , etc ... ) can unsubscribe from the mailing list at any time ,
    This can be done by clicking the "unsubscribe" " link at the bottom of these emails.
    Or send an email to with the request to unsubscribe .

    4. Purposes of the processing of your personal data

    WP international collects personal data to offer you a safe, optimized and personalized user experience. This collection of eprsonal data can be extend when you use our services more often.

    The processing of data is essential for the operation of this website and the services and/or delivered products that come with it.

    We process your data for the following purposes:

    • Giving access to your user profile
    • The delivery and possibly the installation of products, whether or not personalized
    • Invoicing and en accountancy purposes
    • Offering information
    • The delivery of general and personal service
    • Sending out of newsletters and offertes that may be useful and/or necessary for you
    • Receiving and processing of user reviews
    • Giving technical support, after sales service
    • Improving of general and personal service
    • Improvement of the provided products, whether or not personalized
    • The detection and the prevention of fraud, wrong and criminal behavior
    • Marketing purposes

    During the visit of the website and the webshop, data is also collected for statistical purposes. These data are necessary to optimize the use of our website. Specifically, it's about the following data:

    • IP address
    • Origin of the visit
    • Supposed location of the website visit
    • Time of the website visit
    • Duration of the website visit
    • Brand and type of the used support (computer, tablet or smartphone) used during the website visit
    • Used browser during the website visit

    When you visit this website, you agree with the collection of statistical data, as mentionned before.

    The visitor provides his personal data to WP international himself and therefore he has things under control concerning the content, completeness and correctness of the data. When it appears that the data aren't complete or are incorrect, then WP international remains to have the right to not execute some actions temporarely or permanently.

    The data are only processed for intern use by WP international. We can assure you that your personal data will not be sold, passed on or communicated to third parties that are associated with us, unless if it's about subcontractors who are also responsable for the delivery of the product or the implemantation of the desired service. These subcontractors will only process your data for the purposes as mentionned in this privacy statement. WP international has taken all juridical and technical measures to prevent an illegal acces and use of your personal data. 

    5. The use of cookies

    When visiting the website and the webshop, 'cookies' can be saved on your disk to adjust the website even better on the needs of the recurring website visitor.

    These cookies can help us to optimize your visit to our website and to remember technical choices. We recommend to activate these cookies. Do you wish to not make use of these cookies and to inactivate these cookies, then we refer to our cookie policy.

    For a further explanation of how we use your cookies to receive and process your personal data, we refer to our cookie policy.

    6. Your rights

    Right to a just and secure processing of your personal data

    WP international always processes your personal data as a good family man. This includes the following:

    • Your personal data will be processed according to the justified purposes as described in this privacy statement.
    • Your personal data will only be processed as long as this is deemed necessary and as long as this is not excessive.
    • Your personal data will only be saved as long as this  is needed to realize the purposes as described in this privacy statement.

    We have taken the necessary technical mesures to reduce the risks of a illegal acces to your personal data or the processing of it to a minium. When there is a burglary on our information technology systems, WP international will immediatly undertake the necessary measures to reduce the damage to a minimum.

    Right to access, change and delete your personal data

    After you have provided proof of your identity, you have the right to hear of WP international what personal data is processed. If your data appears in our files, then you have the right to get access to the collected personal data. If your want to use your right to access, then WP international will answer this demand within a month after receiving the request. The request can happen either by registered letter or by e-mail to the address .

    Incomplete or incorrect data can always be corrected. In the first place, it's the visitor his responsability to change incomplete or wrong data. You can exert your right of correction by contacting us. WP international will change your personal data within a month after the request.

    Furthermore, you have the right to let your personal data be deleted withing a fair term. The "right to be forgotten" can only be used in the following cases:

    • When the personal data isn't longer needed for the purposed for which they were collected
    • When there is no legal ground for the processing of your personal data and when the personal data were collected with your permission
    • When you object to the processing of the personal data and when there are no justified grounds that are more important for the saving of your existence. With "justified grounds" we mean the accounting and other legal obligations.
    • When the personnal data have been obtained illegally
    • When the personnal data have to be erased according to a legal obligation 

    WP international judges of 1 of the above mentioned conditions have been met.

    Right to object and the right of reduction of the processing of your personal data

    You have the right to get a reduction of the processing of your personal data:

    • During the period that is needed for WP international to check the correctness of your personal data in case of protest
    • When the personal data have been obtained illegally and when you request to use this data to a limited extend rather then deleting this data
    • When the personal data of the user aren't necessary anymore for the processing purposes and when the user needs the personal data for prosecution
    • During the period that is needed for WP international to verify if all conditions are met to delete the personal data.

    You have always the right to object to the processing of the personal data. WP international will put the processing of the personal data on hold, unless WP international can give binding justified groundsfor the processing of the personal data who are given priority to the objection.

    You can excert your right to objection by contacting us. WP international will change your personal data within one month after the request. The request can happen per registered letter or by e-mail to the address

    Right to data portability

    As a visitor, you have the right to receive the personal data that you have given to WP international in a structured file that can be read by machines. Furthermore, you have the right to transfer the personal data to another data controller if the processing only rests on the permission of the user.

    You can excert your right of transfer by contacting us. WP international will change your personal data within a month after the request. The request can happen by registered letter or by e-mail to the address

    Right to withdraw your permission and your right to file a complaint

    You always have the right to withdraw your consent to process your data. This changes nothing about the legality of processing based on the permission before the withdrawal.

    You can excert your objection by contacting us. WP international will change your personal data within a month after your request. The request can happen by registered letter or by e-mail to the address .

    Furthermore, you have the right to file a complaint concerning the processing of your personal data by WP international at the Belgian Commission for the protection of the private life.

  • Conditions and terms of sale

    1. When ordering products or services from this offer, either entirely or partially, the buyer expressly declares to agree with the conditions and term of sale written below. Purchase conditions of the buyer can never, under no circumstance, overrule our conditions and terms of sale, without written permission from our part.

    2. Prices: nett and excluding VAT.

    3. Duration of validity of the offer is 2 weeks starting from creation date - afterwards on request

    4. We reserve the right to mention our trademark and company name and/our product name on our products. If the customer doesn't want this, he must submit a written request when ordering/before the production.

    5. When ordering an order, the customer has to give his correct billing data (name, address, tel., VAT number), as well as his/her delivery address, before we draw up a work sheet and a sales invoice. Any demand of changing/modifying the reception of an invoice, after we have already drew up a sales invoice, an additional cost of € 60,00 VAT exclusive will be charged to the customer.

    6. Delivery period: +- 2 à 3 working weeks after written reception of the order (mail / fax / ... return) and/or after approval of an eventual test lay-out. - if desired otherwise: only according to and after written agreement with us.

    7. Price: ex works / packaging exclusive.

    8. Delivery and placement normally mentionned seperately.

    9. If unit prices are mentionned including delivery and/or placement, they are valid for the specified amount. When ordering less pieces then those specified in the offer, an extra amount will be charged to compensate the difference based on the difference/loss because of the fixed costs bound to the production, delivery or placement, this amount is charged in the subsequent calculation and mentionned on the invoice.

    10. Postage- and packaging costs: at the customers expense and the sending is always at the buyers risk / eventual deliveries and/or placement are mentionned seperately.

    11. When placing stands, totems or signage by us: stands and poles are always supposed to be placed in free* yet solid ground (*: free from rocks, concrete, strange objects, ...) - if otherwise, then the extra costs will be charged on a time and expense basis per man hour of € 60,00/h - when the ground is unstable, the necessary minute-crete and/or other materials or necessary materials, as well as the extra working hours to ensure a reliable placing will be charged. The same goes for placings on any surface with hidden defects or weak spots of which we weren't informed about in advance and where we need to solidify or have to use other techniques and/or materials to realise a reliable placing.

    12. Extra bills : unforeseen hours, extra materials or use of equipment will be charged extra:
    Use : grinding wheel: € 10.00/started half hour; jackhammer ; € 30.00/started half hour ; power group € 30.00/started half hour; extra quick concrete : at daily price ; removal of (construction) waste: in coordination according to work, volume and weight -  Extra work/man-hours: € 15.00/per quarter of an hour started.

    13. Damage to allocated goods during or by the placing or montage, because of hidden defects, bad or weak state of the good or because of the non-indication of hidden pipes by the client or any other objects, are not our responsibility and will never be compensated.

    14. Delay of the work in case of placings at the moment itself, because of absence of being too late by the customer or the appointed or responsable person, or by any other delay caused by aforementioned persons, then this caused waiting time will integrally be charged to the customer for € 60,00 per man hour.

    15. If our goods or services have a delay because of superior forces, of any nature, then the costumer has on no account the right on a damage restitution or compensation. Cancelling the order in this case, is also according to the mentioned conditions in article 17.

    16. Cancelling or moving the placing withing a term of one workday before the arranged date of placing by the customer or his appointed or responsable persons, by any reason whatsoever, involves an annulation cost of € 240 per foreseen worker for this placing - VAT exclusive.

    17. Mailing / faxing of the desired test proof: € 5.00 per proof, mail or fax.

    18. When cancelling placed / current orders, an annulation fee will be charged with a minimal forfait of 30% of the amount of the total order or a bigger amount ( > 30%) based on the debt-claim of the works and/or costs done by us and where the aforementionned amount or percentage is determined by us and us alone without any participation of any other person, firm or court. The maximum amount of the annulation fee cannot be higher then the order and/or eventual reorders.

    19. Cancellation of an order by the customer no later than 24h or less before the planned start of the works, means that the customer is owed a cancellation cost of minimal € 750, without prejudice to the right of WP international to claim the actual damage.

    20. Sold goods of any nature or goods made to measure will not be taken back or traded.

    21. When placing our goods by means of bonding (glue, self-adhesive or other bonding products) on wands, walls, any other surface, there is, when these surfaces were treated or hung with dirt-repellent or grease-repellent products, whether it is paint or wallpaper or other protective products with aforementionned repelling features, no possibility to recover losses in case of faling of or loosening of the products which were applied by means of bonding by us. We cannot be held responsible for eventual consequential damage of any nature, including damage that arose to our own delivered products.

    22. Colors in or on any kind of products that we produce, by any technique that we use, always approach the color codings that were given by the customer, whether RAL, NCS, RGB, CYMK, or any other type of color. 

    23. Payment homeland: first 3 invoices are to be paid cash when collected or per transfer on our bank account before delivery or sending, hereafter it is 30 days after invoice data. We have the right, if we deem it necessary, and without giving any reason, to demand an advance to the customer, the size of the advance is to be determined by us, before and even after the customer would have already placed 3 orders or paid 3 invoices.

    24. Payment foreign customers: 50% advance when ordering and before starting the work, balance in cash or per transfer when collecting or per transfer before sending the order.

    25. Foreign countries: ICL terms are applicable to foreign VAT-liable persons in the EC in case of sending per courier or transport firm - when collecting by the customer himself, the belgian VAT will be charged because of the lack of proof that the good or goods have left Belgium.

    26. All of our invoices are payable in cash in ROESELARE.

    27. When an invoice is not paid on the due date, an interest of 12% will be charged, legally and without notice of default starting from the aforementionned due date.

    28. In case of a total or partial non-payment on the due date without valid reason, the debt balance will be raised, after a futile notice of default, with 12% with a minimum of € 125,00 and a maximum of € 2.500,00, even after giving terms of respite.

    29. The delivered goods remain our property as long as they're not completely paid. In case of a delay of payment, we remain to have the right to take back our goods until it's completely paid, without preceding notice of default and with exclusion of any demand of compensation of the buyer. Taking back the goods isn't put on a par with a termination of the contract or cancellation of the order of the goods - the invoice needs to be paid entirely according to our conditions and terms of sale. Even when the goods were placed and have become immoveable due destination, they remain our property and we can change, manipulate or remove them on the spot without having to inform the customer or his customer in case of reselling, and without any responsibility from our part, of any kind of damage or any kind of consequences that these changes, manipulations or removals could possibly bring to the delivered products, neither on walls, wands, floors, ground, garden nor on or around any location where these products where placed, by no matter who. This is also the case for goods that were reselled to resellers or via subcontractors, even in multiple further degrees or steps, who each have the obligation to inform their customers of our conditions and terms of sale. This has to be seen in the largest sens of interpretation. In case of reselled goods by f.e. a bankrupt person or any kind of dubious contractor or reseller, article 24 remains active.

    30. When we place signage on glass, either on wands, doors, windows or any other object, we provide a foil on the backside, to cover the backside of the object with a selfadhesive foil and glue. This is what we call a cache-faut. This is almost the only solution to realise a proper finishing on the backside. If the pictogram or any other ordered object has to be placed in that region of a glass object, and is not desired on it by the customer, we can always look for a possibility to hang it next (on top, left, right) to the glass, on a fixed invisible existing wand in order that there is no disturbing backside visible and that a cache-faut won't be needed.

    31. All disputes fall under the authorization of the courts or justice of the peace court of the judicial district KORTRIJK.

    32. When the customers demands to use a different VAT-rate, different than our usual VAT-rate, then we can do this upon presentation of approval of the VAT administration. When during a VAT-check appears that this was used injust, then the owed VAT-amount will be charged.

    33. When ordering products, or requesting information and/or quotation by sending an email to our company via/to one of our email addresses described in our "Privacy Statement" the customer unconditionally agrees to its terms and conditions. , in particular the storage and use of the customer's email address for the purposes referred to in the Privacy Statement (such as advertising, information, newsletter, etc.)

    34. Drawing up of devis or damage estimates: “ If the goods or services listed in our damage estimate are not ordered or performed by our company WP international, a fixed amount will be invoiced to the applicant for the damage estimate worth 25 % of all amounts stated in the specifications (equal to the total price) as compensation. If the intended order is not placed, the invoice will be drawn up 30 days after the date of the damage estimate.

    35. Waste: Any form of waste from the customer, such as stone rubble, soil, wood, old iron, cables, etc ... that must be taken from the customer - either during delivery or after installation - must be be reimbursed by the customer. The price is determined by the man-hours (at EUR 60,00 per man-hour) and the landfill costs for processing the waste.

  • Cookie statement

    1. Cookies

    A cookie saves information on the browser of your computer during your visit to a webpage. Cookies are used to enlarge your user friendliness, for example by remembering your choice of language or login in a following visit. Cookies can also be used for marketing purposes. There are different kinds of cookies: tracking coodies (to save your behavior and to follow it up), technical cookies (for example to keep language configurations) and session cookies (temporary cookies that end once you close your browser screen).

    WP international is a Belgian site that acts according to the Belgian law concerning electronical communication, in that regard, WP international follows the stipulations that are described in there concerning cookies (law of 13 june 2005).

    2. For what reason are cookies being used?

    As a visitor of our website, you agree that we use cookies. Our cookies enable that your visit to our website is fluent and personalized. You can turn the cookies on- or off, but then it's possible that problems arise during the visit to our site.

    The cookies that WP international uses, are not dangerous. We use them to ensure you that, what you see, is appropriate for you as a visitor and to make the browsing easier by remembering, for example, language configurations.

    3. Which cookies does WP international use?

    On the one hand, we use session cookies that are essential to let our website work. These cannot be turned off on our servers.

    On the other hand, we also use cookies that are not essential, but who allow to let you see the site completely made to measure. There are three types: functional cookies, analytical cookies and advertising cookies.

    In our privacy statement, you can find all information about how WP international processes your personal data.

    4. How can you adjust your cookies?

    You can always adjust your cookie-configurations in the configurations of your web browser. For each browser, there are different manuals, that you can consult via the links down below. Also, via the help-button you can find a manual for this.

    Cookie configurations in Mozilla Firefox via:

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    You can turn the cookies on/off. For a optimal user experience, we recommand to turn on the cookies.

    5. What rights do you have as a visitor of our website?

    As a visitor of our website, you have the right to a safe processing of your personal data, but you also have several other rights.

    You have the right to objection, which means that you can, in case of important and legitimate grounds, can complain about the processing of your personal data.

    You have the right to access, which means that you can ask to see what personal data is being saved and/or processed, and whether or not that they are being passed on.

    You have a right to correct, which means that at all times, your personal data can be corrected or deleted at your own request.

    In our privacy statement you can read more about your rights and in what way you can excert them.µ

    When you have questions or remarks about our cookie statement, you can contact us via