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In search of lettering of a shop window or window lettering?

Lettering of a shop window or window lettering is advertising or publicity which convinces a customer or visitor to visit a shop, showroom of a firm, organisation or association. Because of the balanced mix between the right sharp images, pictures and text at the entrance of the business, this advertising draws the attention of hundreds to thousands of passers by and this creates the atmosphere that the corporate design wants to exude.

Considering the success and the return of these window stickers or window film, the goal of the lettering is always taken into account and the difficulty of the design. That is why a qualitative self-adhesive lettering by means of vinyl or a digital print in full-colour, which is mat or glossy laminated, is always chosen. Sometimes it happens that both methods are used because of flexibility and to reach a return out of the investment as high as possible.

What makes a lettering of a shop window or window lettering so attractive? 

Cheap but effective advertising that pays off

Applying lettering or stickers on a shop window or window is a cheap and effective way to advertise for a business. Not only does it invite passers by to come in the shop or showroom, it also offers the opportunity to extend the corporate design and the corporate imago thereby providing the desired atmosphere. By developing a creative layout, in agreement with our design department, one distinguishes itself from near competitors and the lettering on the shop window catches the eye of the shop window immediately. 

Seeing that a number of visitors or customers pass by the beautiful lettering on the shop window or window every day, the price per person reached is really low thereby is this advertising form really cheap. For temporary applications, a qualitative self-adhesive lettering by means of vinyl, which is available in many colours, is recommended because this can be removed easily at any time in the future. In case of coating that needs to be permanent, a mat/glossy laminated sharp digital print in full-colour is the best choice.

Sometimes, a combination of both methods is needed, depending on the goal and the complexity of the design, by which the aim consists of pleasure and return for years over and over again.

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Lettering of a shop window, window lettering or a window sticker makes the best use of the power of a shop window. For the production, placing or removing of this advertising, you find with WP international the partner with years of experience.

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Next to this lettering, we are also specialist in: lettering of delivery vans and vans, lettering of lorries, lettering of oldtimers, lettering of boats and yachts and/or lettering of airplanes and helicopters.

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