Lettering or labelling lorries - trucks - trailers

In search of lettering or labelling of a lorry, truck or trailer?

Lettering or labelling of lorries, trucks or trailer is the perfect chance to advertise, publicize or promote an organisation, firm or association successfully. Going for a ride every (work)day with that kind of lettered vehicle, which serves as a professional business card, is after all an excellent strategy to obtain the highest return, because the creative design or the advertising message is to be seen prominently everywhere in the streets.

For the execution of the lettering in our special lettering space, the goal does not only play a major role, but also the difficulty of the design is decisive in making a choice between the use of high-grade self-adhesive lettering by means of vinyl or a digital print in full-colour with mat or glossy laminate. An interaction of both methods is sometimes needed, depending on preceding criteria, and gives even more additional advantages.

What kind of advantages do lettered or labelled lorries, trucks or trailers?

Lettering that catches the eye and pays off

Different to a car or private car, the adhesive surface on the front, side and/or back of a lorry, truck or trailer is much bigger through which the desired advertising message stands out even more in the streets. That is why our own design department , by mutual agreement, looks how full advantage can be taken of this advantage to obtain a gorgeous lettering which distinguishes itself of direct competitors and which is clearly legible and visible for all passers by.

To obtain this beautiful lettered or labelled lorry, truck or trailer, there is high-grade self-adhesive, UV-resistant, weatherproof and carwash-proof film which is available in many colours, though limited, or a digital print which is mat or glossy laminated and protects the used colours. Both methods are sometimes proposed together, depending on the goal and the complexity of the design, to take as much advantage out of it.

Only one investment in a lettering of labelling of a lorry, truck or trailer is needed to obtain a return and pleasure of years out of the vehicle. After all, going for a ride every day with this car lettering provides a very high visibility of the advertising message, with the result that the chance is very big that it gets stuck in the head of (future) customerls, and moreover it exudes professionalism.

Offer for lettering your lorries, trucks and trailers

Lettering or labelling of your lorry, truck or trailer is a synonym of advertising or publicizing your firm, organisation or association that yields. At WP international, you can the partner which is responsible for a smooth production and placement of your advertising.

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Types of Lettering or labelling lorries - trucks - trailers