Can I order 1 piece at your firm? - I am a private person.

Yes, of course. We serve everyone: from both private persons to multinationals.
We deliver and/or place starting from one piece and wherever you want.

Is an engraving sustainable and weatherproof?

Yes, considering material is in fact removed (milled out) in case of engraving work and during the engraving, the letters are indelible.
Also, the weather conditions don’t affect it. Therefore, and as a result, you cannot undo an engraving afterwards, only engraving something extra is possible.
The plate material and the possible lacquer in the letters are susceptible to the ravages of time. A massive brass plaque or an inox plaque e.g. holds out longer than a PVC plaque ..

Can I let a pillar or wayfinding post put on my tiled, asphalted or concreted driveway or parking?

Yes, that’s possible. Of course, more work and material is needed for that than in loose soil. We look how we can carry it out and also how we need to repair the driveway or parking, because obviously we need to dig one or multiple holes to place and to concrete the advertising pillar or advertising totem or the modular wayfinding post in the ground.

How big do I order my nameplate?

In fact, every size is possible. Of course we have, since 1946, experience with what sizes and proportions look good or fit. These standard sizes are well-considered.
However, if it appears that your text and/or logo needs a specific, deviant size, then we make it that way of course.
After all, all nameplates are produced here completely from A to Z and so any size is possible as a matter of fact.

Can I engrave everything?

Yes, of course. Considering our technical know-how and our extended machinery, we are well experienced in engraving name plate designs, a hot stamping,... We can do a miniature engraving, so to speak. However, a miniature engraving seems useless, it can be important in the moulding industry, but that's beside the point. Special engravings are no secret to us, the only limit to these engravings is price-related. This can be more expensive because the handicraft takes a lot of time. That's why we send you a price estimation first, so you don't get any surprises.

Can I order a signage totem or a signage stand made to measure?

Of course, dear customer.
Almost everything is custom fit at WP International, and if necessary it's possible to change our standard measures.

How can I send you my logo or images?

You can send it to us via mail (max size : 4Mb ) , or upload it via our website (max size : 10Mb) or via Wetransfer ( up to 400 Mb , for free ) or via your ftp-server.

What size or type of document should my logo be, to engrave or to blank letters?

We prefer a vectorial and clear logo. You can send it as an .ai , .eps , .pdf , .dxf , ... These are all vector extensions. If you send us a bitmap, we need to  convert this to a vector file and therefore we charge a design fee. This fee can be at time work or agreed in advance, depending on the amount of work.
A vector graphic always has a clear edge, while a bitmap represents a generally rectangular grid of pixels. 
However, if the bitmap has a high resolution, this will be harder to see.

What do you mean with RGB, CMY, CMYK and Pantone colours?

Let us help you clarify.
It are all different codes that represent  specific colours. A monitor uses RGB colours for example. Full colour prints are printed in CMYK colours and Pantone is used for printing inks (silk-screen prints or offset prints).

None of the colour codes which are mentioned above are correlated, therefore it's hard to find exact equivalents. There are tables or software which are able to represent these equivalents but this is never a 100% accurate in real terms. 
Beside, your monitor is probably not calibrated, so the colours you see each day are different from what they really are. 

Can you print every image or photo you want on a self adhesive sticker?

To print a bitmap-image or photo in actual size, we need a photo with a high resolution. 
The higher the resolution, the sharper the photo. You can find the resolution of the photo or bitmap if you go to "properties".
The resolution is expressed in 
dpi or wedges. For example, "600dpi" or "1080 x 720 dpi".
The sharper the provided photo or bitmap-image, the sharper the result ...

I want to do a lettering or an engraving but I don't have a logo yet... What now?

This is no problem for WP International. We have a team of designers who can design it for you. This can be partially according to your desires or instructions or completely "out-of-the-box"-thinking.

This design ( mostly plural designs in which you can choose from ) is of course included into the fee.

Do full color prints stick on every surface?

Yes, on most plain surfaces they do, if they are profoundly cleaned, meaning dust-, fat- en silicone-proof.
With plain surfaces we mean i.e. glass, plastic and metal panels, the bodywork of a vehicle, polished and painted surfaces or objects , etc ...
Sticking something on porous surfaces, humid or bumpy surfaces is not possible. Those are, for example: coarse wood, concrete, brick, stone tablet, textile, ...

Can I go with my lettered vehicle to the car wash?

Yes, every vehicle is treated before and after the lettering at WP international, so you can go without any problem into a normal car wash with brushes. High pressure cleaners should obviously not be used in close range of the lettering. This could cause the so-called watercutting pressure. We recommend to wait 7 days before cleaning the car for the first time so the pressure of the glue has reached it full strength.

Are LED lights better and more secure then old neon lights?

Yes for sure !
LED lights are not only more secure, considering the supply source only requires 12 to max 24 V, but also very economical. Why are do you save a lot of money with LED lights? They use less energy, they have a longer lifespan and they require no maintenance. Therefore,  in 2009, we have chosen LED lights to enlighten the lettering, light boxes, signage totems, notice boards, outdoor walls etc...

What is the maximum altitude of an outer wall to set up a banner?

There is no maximum altitude, but we have an accessibility limit. We work with several cherry pickers, with a difference from 4 up to 70 meters. If this altitude doesn't fulfil, there is a possibility to carry out the job while rappelling from the roof, when technically possible.