Commemorative plaque - inauguration plate

In search of a specific commemorative plaque or inauguration plate?

A commemorative plaque or an inauguration plate pays tribute to an unforgettable event, such as a commemoration of a person or an inauguration of a building. This special nameplate, which is provided with an traditionally engraved text, logo or combination and if necessary painted in the colour of your choice, is intended to last for a considerable time in order that the memory of this single moment is kept as long and good as possible.

Even more and compared to a classic nameplate, the choice of the used material for an engraved commemorative plaque or inauguration plate plays a big role. After all, the plate material emphasizes certain things and gives specific advantages every time which holds the environment and the circumstances in which the nameplate ends up into account.

When and why is a certain type of commemorative plaque or inauguration plate best for you?

Aluminium commemorative plaque or inauguration plate

For long-lasting outdoor use, an aluminium commemorative plaque or inauguration plate is the best in its category by a long shot. Thanks to the hard, wear resistant layer of anodic oxidation on the aluminium plate material, this engraved nameplate distinguishes itself by a high weather resistance and maintainability, which is one of the main reasons of its popularity.

Just because this commemorative plaque or inauguration plate made of anodized aluminium is so suitable for outdoor use, the same engraved nameplate is practically indestructible in case of indoor use. This durability makes sure that the memory of this special event or inauguration of the building or commemoration of a beloved person remains intact for many long years. 

Brass commemorative plaque or inauguration plate

In case of inaugurations of buildings, locations or commemorations of persons where a certain impression may be made, an yellow brass commemoration plaque or inauguration plate is an excellent choice. Because of the high gloss polished execution of the brass material, this traditionally engraved nameplate reflects exclusivity and class and wherever it is, it is a true eye-catcher.

This gorgeous and brilliant gloss is perhaps not always needed and can be executed less conspicuous, while maintaining the warm look and feel of the brass, by means of brushing this nameplate. 

Plexi commemorative plaque and inauguration plate

When a neutral material is necessary to keep a lasting memory of a commemoration or inauguration, then a plexi commemorative plaque or inauguration plate is the only right solution. After all, plexi is a clear, transparent plastic that has a less strong look and feel, when compared to brass, through which it is not dominant on a wall or paries.

Despite this sober look and feel, this engraved nameplate succeeds nevertheless in obtaining a gorgeous result. With a sufficiently strong contrast or difference between the used text colours and the underlying wall or facade, a harmonious whole is formed. Besides, a frosted back helps to obtain extra advantages such as a increased readability and facilitated maintenance.

Offer for your commemorative plaque or inauguration plate

A commemorative plaque or inauguration plate helps to keep a long-lasting memory of either a commemoration or either an inauguration. Do you want to inaugurate your building or location? Of do you want to commemorate an important figure or event?

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