Commemorative plaque - inauguration plate in plexi

In search of a transparent and harmonious plexi commemorative plaque or inauguration plate?

A commemorative plaque or an inauguration plate made of plexi is the most neutral material for a nameplate which gives a lasting memory of a special event, such as an inauguration or a commemoration. Despite their transparent color, these engraved nameplates made of plexi are really beautiful and a sufficiently strong contrast between the different used text colours and the underlying wall of paries takes care of a gorgeous result that catches the eye quickly.

Each of these plexi commemorative plaques or inauguration plates is generally provided with a frosted back, which is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also gives additional advantages such as a raised readability and facilitated maintenance.

What other aspects make a commemorative plaque or inauguration plate made of plexi so popular? Read down below more about the advantages of this special type of nameplate which you receive permanently in case of an order.

Harmonious result that stands out

For a commemoration or inauguration where aesthetics and neutrality are an important requirement because of the building style or interior, a commemorative plaque or inauguration plate made of plexi surely is a good choice. Because of the transparency of the material, these nameplates do not have a distinct look and feel, like e.g. a brass inauguration plate or commemorative plaque, but this does not change anything about the fact that a result with style and class is certainly possible.

When the used text colors on the engraved plexi nameplate differ strongly with the underlying wall or paries, a harmonious result arises that looks beautiful. Besides, thanks to the transparent properties of the material, such an inauguration plate or commemorative plaque does not dominate the wall or paries on which it arrives.

Raised readability and facilitated maintenance

An additional advantage of inauguration plates or commemorative plaques made of plexi is that the back-side almost is almost always frosted by means of sandblast film. This frosting allows to hide away a part of the wall or paries, in case of hidden defects or irregularities in the wall, so that the text on the engraved nameplate remains legible. Simultaneously, it helps to enlarge the legibility of the text and to facilitate the maintenance, because scratches and dust are quasi invisible because of this.

Offer for your plexi inauguration plate or commemorative plaque

A commemorative plaque or inauguration plate made of plexi is successful because of the modern look of the material. Soon to be sighted as an inauguration of your building or location, or more the pay a tribute to a person or event?

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Of course, other materials are also possible: e.g. brass commemorative plaques or inauguration plates and aluminium commemorative plaques or inauguration plates. Discover the advantages of each type of nameplate and convince yourself.

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