Commemorative plaques - inauguration plate in brass

In search of a classy, traditionally engraved brass commemorative plaque or inauguration plate?

A commemorative plaque or inauguration plate made of brass or copper helps to remember a special event, such as an inauguration or commemoration, and it is the engraved nameplate par excellence that links quality to a warm and gorgeous look and feel. After all, the high gloss polishing of the yellow brass material sees to a mirror effect through which this nameplate is a true eye-catcher and impresses the direct environment.

Given the purpose of an inauguration plate or commemorative plaque, brass is perfectly suitable because this brings the desired durability through which such nameplate lasts as long as possible. All the more when special brass polish is used to polish it and to preserve the gloss. 

But what makes a commemorative plaque or inauguration plate so beautiful? Discover down below all the advantages of what you take advantage from for free and for many years of this traditionally engraved nameplate.

Classic, gorgeous look and feel

In case of a brass inauguration plate of commemorative plaque, style and aesthetics play an important rol, even more when compared to an aluminium inauguration plate or commemorative plaque and a plexi commemorative plaque or inauguration plate. That is why each of these classic nameplates made of brass are high gloss polished every time so that this exhales and reflects quality and class. 

When the gloss may or has not be too conspicuous, there is always the possibility to brush the brass material. By choosing this treatment,  the warm look and feel of messing remains and the maintenance remains limited.

Long-term retention of gloss

To enjoy in the long run of the high gloss polished yellow brass inauguration plate or commemorative plaque, there is a special brass polish available so that you can get the desired look and feel as soon as possible. Cleaning the engraved nameplate weekly makes sure that you get an optimal return of the investment.

Being occupied every week to maintain the inauguration plaque ou commemorative plaque, is completely needless as soon as when this plaque is provided with a layer of varnish. Thanks to this protective layer, the maintenance and cleaning of this nameplate is restricted to a number of years so that you can enjoy the material for a long time.

Offer for your brass commemorative plaque ou inauguration plate

A commemorative plaque ou inauguration plate in yellow copper is the best engraved nameplate in its category when everything is about the look and feel. Soon to be seen to inaugurate your building or location, or to immortalise the memory of a person or event?

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For those who doubt, there are also commemorative plaques and inauguration plates made of aluminium and commemorative plaques and inauguration plates made of plexi so that you always find the right solution. Take a look and read more about the advantages of every type of nameplate.

Andere Koper inhuldigingsplaat, gedenkplaat of herdenkingsplaat in messing graveren

Commemorative plaque - inauguration plate in aluminium

Commemorative plaque - inauguration plate in plexi