Nameplate - name sign

In search of a specific type of nameplate or name sign?

A nameplate or a name sign with an indelible engraved text, logo or house number always brings a beautiful and stylish result. At least, every name sign is unique and, as a business card, has the underlying goal to leave a strong impression on and to exude class and professionalism towards your direct environment.

Depending on what it is used for or which advantages that you are searching for, there are different types of nameplates available with a wide choice between thickness and format . When and why is a certain type of nameplate the best for you?

Classic nameplates

For privates or companies that search for a personal sign for their house or building, a classic nameplate is mostly the solution. Depending on the chosen plate material, for example aluminium or copper, there are extra specific advantages such as durability, wear resistance, weather resistance or a luxurious look and feel, which you can enjoy for years to come. These engraved nameplates are provided with your creative layout every time which makes them not only functional, but they look good as well.

At WP international, it is even possible to choose a complete package which contains a combination of a house number, one name or multiple engraved name or names, a milled out letterbox and a matching doorbell so that you always find what you were looking for at your expert.

Combined nameplates

Group practices, associations or companies where there is a strong turnover, and thus where names change regularly, have the perfect solution with a combined nameplate. This special nameplate consists of a main plate on which a number of small plates are fixed which are interchangeable at every moment. As a result, you save out a lot of money in the future and enjoy the permanent flexibility of the system.

Commemorative plates and inauguration plates

Commemorative plates and inauguration plates are an alternative to the classic nameplate and help to keep a lifelong memory of an important event. Just like a regular nameplate, there is a wide range of formats and thicknesses available and the chosen plate material determines which extra advantages, for example durability or a warm look and feel, you receive with your choice.

Name badges

A name badge is a small nameplate made of aluminium that offers the highest return to companies which are actively present on exhibitions, conferences or other events. It does not only extent the professionalism which the firm represent, but you are also more likely to be a point of contact through which the chance of a sale increases considerably. This impression is even more reinforced with an engraved name badge, but with a printed name badge, there is always a cheaper alternative.