Combi nameplate - combi name sign

In search of a combined nameplate with easy to swap and replace small plates?

A combined nameplate or a combined name sign is a special and unique solution for law offices, associations, practices or companies which have a permanent staff turnover and that are looking for a nameplate that is always fast and easily adjustable or changeable. The basic thought of each engraved combined nameplate is one mutual holder or base plate on which a number of different small nameplates are fixed which can be changed in no time.

This flexibility is very helpful and it aims to save out time, effort and costs, because with a combined nameplate, the base plate is never to be changed. Only the small nameplates, for example in case of an entry of service of new employees or when a hierarchy changes, need to be provided with a stylish engraving so that the combined nameplate is up-to-date.

What is the reason why you should choose for a combined nameplate or combined name sign?

The nameplate or name sign of and for the future

In contrast to a classic nameplate, a combined nameplate takes the future into account because the different small nameplates, with an engraving in depth and fixed on a base plate by means of cap nuts, distance holders and decorative screws and caps, are interchangeable at any time. This way, there is the ease that the order of these nameplates can always be changed by yourself.

Not only are the small nameplates on a combinated nameplate easily taken away, but the engraving of one or multiple new or blank nameplates goes by smoothly as well. Thereby, the costs are only limited to the small nameplates, the buying of a complete new base plate is not necessary and the combinated nameplate remains recent at all times.

Offer for your combinated nameplate

A combinated nameplate or a combinated name sign is a composed, unique nameplate for companies that search a nameplate which takes possible prospective changes into account. Soon visible on one of yours wall of your company?

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Our offer of combinated nameplates consists of both aluminium combinated nameplates, brass combinated nameplates and plexi combinated nameplates in order that you have all freedom in your choice.