Aluminium combinated nameplate - aluminium combinated name sign

In search of an aluminium combinated nameplate that is perfectly suitable for outdoor use?

An aluminium combinated nameplate or an aluminium combinated name sign is a future-oriented solution for each practice, association or company where there is a certain turnover of staff. The principle consists of a base plate with an engraved, fixed and invariable text or logo on which a number of individual nameplates, either engraved or blank, are fixed which are interchangeable at any time through which the combinated nameplate is always up-to-date.

This flexibility does not only involve the desired ease, but also helps to save out a lot of time and money because a complete new base plat has never to be purchased again. The chosen plate material, namely anodized aluminium, makes of an aluminium combinated nameplate a very maintenance friendly, durable and weatherproof product and therefore it is the most appropriate combinated nameplate for long-lasting outdoor use.

But what are the most important advantages of an aluminium combinated nameplate or aluminium combinated name sign?

Fast and easy replacing of small nameplates

Every aluminium combinated nameplate, and by extension every combinated nameplate, is built up of a base plate. These kind off nameplate is fixed floating and invisible on the wall of facade by means of threaded rogs made of inox. On this holder made of anodized aluminium, there are several individual small nameplates fixed by means of umbraco countersunk screws or cap nuts, which allows to replace each small nameplate fast and easily when changes are needed.

This interchangeability has the undeniable advantage that it saves out both time and money for you, because it avoids the purchase of a completely new base plate. Following the same logic, it is a wise choice to provide several small blank nameplates which can be engraved at every moment in the future and on your demand. 

Best choice for long-lasting outdoor use

Of all types of combinated nameplate, an aluminium combinated nameplate is the best suited for long-lasting outdoor use. The anodized surface which serves as a protective layer, both with the base plate and the small nameplates, contributes to the necessary resistance to weathering, durability, maintainability and decency through which a combinated nameplate is the best choice for outdoor use on the long run.

Offer for your aluminium combinated nameplate

An aluminium combinated nameplate or an aluminium combinated name sign at the entry of a practice or association leaves a professional impression to visitors and customers. Soon to be sighted at your place?

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