Brass combinated nameplate - brass combi name sign

In search of a brass combinated nameplate with a stylish and exclusive look and feel?

A brass combinated nameplate or a brass combinated name sign is a gorgeous execution for practices and associations which have to do with a regular turnover of staff and which want to take both the near and the far future into account. This unique nameplate consists of a mutual base plate with an indelible engraved text and/or logo on which multiple individual and easy to change blank or small engraved nameplates are fixed.

Changing and engraving only the small nameplates is not only practical, but also time and cost saving. After all, purchasing a completely new base plate over and over again is needless, in principle. Furthermore, the high gloss yellow copper or brass plate material sees to that this combinated nameplate exudes class and exclusivity through which it is a true eye-catcher and impresses.

What are the principal reasons of a brass combinated nameplate or a brass combinated name sign?

Simple replacement of small nameplates

A combinated nameplate made of yellow copper or brass has a mutual base plate on which inox threaded rods are fixed on the backside to obtain an invisible and floating fixation on the wall or facade. On the holder itself, there are several individual small nameplates fixed by means of decorative screws and caps, which gives the freedom to replace the small nameplates fast and easily in case of possible changes of texts and names.

Changing small nameplates easily has the interesting advantage that both time and money are saved because this limits the extra investment only to the production and engraving of the desired number of nameplates rather than having to buy a completely new whole. By providing several blank small nameplates, you anticipate to a prospective change which can be conducted by us effortlessly.

Exclusive and stylish look and feel

Different to other combinated nameplate, an engraved brass combinated nameplate scores the highest on look and feel. Partly because of the high gloss polished execution, this nameplate exudes exclusivity, class and luxury through which this plate catches the eye immediately and impresses everyone who admires this.

Besides, this look and feel is even stronger by fixing this brass combinated nameplate in a frame that is made of massif exotic hardwood. When choosing a red or yellow brass patinated back plate, the stylish nameplate obtains an extra modern dimension.

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A brass combinated nameplate or a brass combinated name sign gives a lot of advantages.
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