Plexi combinated nameplate - plexi combinated name sign

In search of a neutral, transparent plexi combinated nameplate?

A plexi combinated nameplate or a plexi combinated name sign is a special solution for group practices and associations which have a certain turnover of stuff and search for a nameplate which can be easily adjusted in the future. The starting point is a base plate with an engraved and fixed text or logo whereon several small nameplates, which are easily replaced, blank or engraved, are fixed.

By using plexi as neutral plate material, this combinated nameplate is entirely transparent through which it does not dominate the underlying wall or paries. A perfect balance (read as: a clear contrast) between the used colours and the underlying wall makes for a harmonious result.

Of which advantages do you take advantage when investing in a plexi combinated nameplate or plexi combinated name sign?

Quick replacing and changing of small nameplates

There is a fixed engraved base plate with every plexi combinated nameplate, which never changes, in principle, and whereon several individual small nameplates are fixed by means of cap nuts and distance holders. These small nameplates offer the luxury that they are interchangeable at any time, e.g. when a hierarchy of (company) names changes over time, and/or are replaceable when 1 or multiple names or texts are no longer applicable.

By replacing one or multiple small nameplates problem-free, a lot of time and money is saved because rather than producing and paying the complete base plate or holder again, the future investment will only be limited to the required number of small nameplates. This flexibility is especially cost saving.

Harmonious result with neutral look and feel

A plexi combi nameplate distinguishes itself from other nameplates because of the clear properties of the plastic material, which is used for both the base plate and the small nameplates. This transparency makes sure that the nameplate or name sign appears neutral in order that it does not dominate the underlying wall or paries completely.

Despite the sober look and feel, a harmonious result arises when there a sharp contrast is visible between the used text colours and the underlying wall or paries. By frosting the back of the plexi combined nameplate, both the readability of the text and the maintainability is raised because scratches and dust are quasi invisible because of this.

Offer for your plexi combined nameplate

A plexi combined nameplate or a plexi combined name sign is a nameplate that takes the future into account. Soon to be sighted at your practice, association or company?

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