Billboards - advertisement boards - sandwich boards

In search of an billboard or advertisement board for your facade?

Billboards, advertisement boards or sandwich boards are boards or panels with lettered or printed advertising or publicity on it which show a product, service, organisation or association in an attractive way to an environment. On a wall or facade, these boards are seen every day by hundreds to thousands of passersby through which it succeeds in its goal, namely obtaining a raised brand awareness with which the turnover may increase.

For outdoor use, these billboards or advertising boards are very practical, because not only the used aluminium sandwich material has a high weather resistance and durability causing these boards to endure for years, but there is always a suitable solution for both temporary and permanent applications with the qualitative self adhesive vinyl or a digital print in full-colour. Furthermore, the use of a well considered and conspicuous design leads to a sandwich board that stands out and gives its professional business card to customers and/or visitors.

Why are billboards, advertisement boards or sandwich boards so omnipresent?

Durable advertising with return 

For companies, independents and/or privates, a billboard or advertisement board is a simple, yet effective medium to boast with a creative, original advertising message which promotes the activities, products, services and/or unique selling points of the firm or profession with the underlying objective to increase the visibility, brand awareness or the turnover.

When this sandwich board with a well thought-out and conspicuous design is fixed on the right place, e.g. above the entrance of a shop, showroom with a fitting economical LED light cove if necessary, the message catches the eye of hundreds or even thousands of passers by every day and it helps to convince them to visit the shop or showroom to request a price or to place an order.

Thanks to the use of dibond or aluminium sandwich panels, durability takes centre stage with these billboards, because each of these boards or panels consists of two aluminium top layers between which a plastic core plate is pressed. This sandwich of materials makes the board resistant to influences of weather. That is why a sandwich board is perfectly suitable for long-lasting outdoor applications. Also, the used selfadhesive lettering by means of vinyl, which exists in a lot of colours, or the full-colour digital print, is of the best quality so that a return and pleasure is taken of the investment for many years.

Offer for billboards, advertisement boards or sandwich boards 

Billboards, advertisement boards or sandwich boards are an effective way to advertise or publicize for all kinds of goals. Durability linked to quality and return ensures that a billboard or advertisement board is very popular.

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Types of Billboards - advertisement boards - sandwich boards