Advertising - publicity

In search of advertising or publicity for your firm or organisation?

Advertising or publicity is meant to promote the activities, products or services of a firm or organisation so that not only the visibility raises, but also the brand awareness. Also, these advertising products help to excite as much passers-by or visitors as possible and to urge them to buy by means of attractive promotions for the purpose of achieving the greater goal: striving towards a return and gain that is as high as possible.

Every media has specific advantages to diffuse an advertising message to a large public quickly. For short, strong messages, a LED marquee is an effective way to advertise or publicize both during the day as at night, while banners, billboards and facade letters or embossed letters, for example because of their their excellent price-quality ratio and endless formats, are very popular nowadays. If it may be something more, an advertising pillar or advertising column leaves a strong impression on the environment.

Which advertising media do you find here to create successful advertising or publicity?

LED marquees

For short, powerful messages, a LED marquee is a beneficial choice to make illuminated advertising or publicity with which the products, services or activities of a company or organisation are in the spotlight. Especially for temporary promotions, actions and/or to announce special events, these devices are very practical, because the text is easily and quickly changed by yourself, by which it is very flexible.

Thanks to the use of economic LED-lighting, the used text or advertising message stands out both during the day and at night and it is visible for hundreds to thousands pairs of eyes so that a maximal return out of this illuminated advertising can be obtained. Also, the quick and simple placing is a big trump of these advertising products.


To make advertising or publicity for a rather low price, banners are a really interesting choice. Not only the endless formats are a big trump, also the high visibility of the high quality printed creative design makes sure that these media are extremely popular to put an event in the picture or to announce a temporary promotion in the streets. Furthermore, these banners are easily replaced at any moment.