LED marquees - illuminated publicity

In search of a LED marquee as illuminated advertising for your business?

LED marquees are a professional form of digital illuminated advertising for a firm, organisation or association which allows to display an advertising message towards a large public quickly, easily and efficiently. The coloured text in an outdoor or indoor LED marquee is clearly legible from a distance through which it draws the attention of the near environment and consequently it raises the visibility of an organisation, especially in the dark.

During the whole day and night, these LED marquees light up clearly thanks to the chain of economic LED-bulbs which are integrated in the device. This lighting contributes to the highest durability and makes sure that you have a profit and pleasure of the investment for years, because the bulbs are really economical and each of them have tens of thousands of burning hours.

What other advantages do LED marquees have?

LED advertising that is always up-to-date and visible

Every LED marquee has its place in front of the shop window of a shop, showroom and/or along the exterior of a building, where it makes highly visible advertising or publicity for a firm, organisation or association. The elongated screen contains a creative message which aims to convince customers and passers-by to visit or order at your company. Passing by this electronical LED marquee arouses the desired curiosity and draws the required attention because those who notice it, will soon want to see of read the whole moving text.

Thanks to the installation software with easy to follow instructions and accompanying remote control, an advertising message can be inputted, deleted and changed quickly and easily in the colour and speed of choice so that the LED marquee or LED marquees are and remains always up-to-date. By using LED bulbs with a low consumption and tens of thousands burning hours in the lightbar, the text stands out both during the day and in the dark or at night and so a maximal return and pleasure is taken in the device. Furthermore, such a LED marquee has the desired flexibility because the device can be placed elsewhere very easily to advertise.

Offer for your LED marquees or illuminated advertising

LED marquees are easily to be placed as illuminated advertising and raise the visibility of your firm, organisation or association in a efficient, durable and successful way. Are you interested in one of our LED marquees?

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Types of LED marquees - illuminated publicity