In search of a banner with advertising on it?

Banners in full-colour are cheap, beneficial holders with printed texts, figures and/or images which aim to make effective advertising or publicity for a firm or company. After all, not only the communication and spreading of a creative and original advertising messing makes sure that a banner draws the attention of passers-by, but the different formats, size and methods of attachment give the possibility to raise the visibility of an organisation greatly.

Because of their low price, these qualitative banners are very popular and they are the perfect alternative to a lettered publicity panel or a fixed signalling boards which acts as outside signalising. Furthermore, the substitutability can be undoubtedly be used to the advantage of this product, because the message is back up-to-date in the blink of an eye and because of that, the banner is ideal for temporary promotion actions.

What other advantages does the purchase of banners involve?

Cheap advertising with a high visibility and many possibilities

Companies, independents or privates who want to boast with their firm and/or activities in their environment or on an event and who want to appeal for a beneficial medium, find the advertising par excellence with a full-colour banner made out of UV-protected PVC. Beneficial because not only the material, but also the printing process of the desired message, which consists of a mix of catchy texts, images and/or figures, make sure that advertising or publicity via this medium is very cheap compared to other message holders, such as signalling boards or publicity panels.

Thanks to the wide range of possibilities, banners are successful in terms of visibility in the streets or at an event where it draws the attention of a big number of passers-by, customers and/or visitors. On the one hand, almost every format or size is producible to make the visibility of the used advertising message as high as possible. On the other hand, there is a wide choice between methods of attachments: attaching directly on the facade, on fences or closings, on a fixed frame for wall mounting or stand-alone frames.

An additional advantage of banners is that these are easily and quickly replaced so that this medium is handy for temporary promo-actions or when an advertising message changes regularly and needs to stay up-to-date.

Offer for your banners

Banners are a cheap and effective advertising medium because of the high visibility and the wide range of possibilities. Do you need one or several banners? With WP international you find the partner with years of experience, because we are responsible for both the production, the placing and the replacement.

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Did you know that we are also the manufacturer of advertising forms such as LED marquees and illuminated advertising, advertising panels, advertising pillars and advertising totems, embossed letters and facade letters?

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