About WP international

Founded in 1946 as an engraving and stamp making business, we have continued to grow into a company that produces, delivers and places everything what concerns engraving work and engraving, indoor signalling and outdoor signalling of buildings, advertising and publicity, stamp and stamps, all this in the broadest sense: you can find a wider choice and possibilities nowhere else. No mountain is too high for us, no sea too deep.

History WP international

In 1946, the company was founded, as a supplier of stamps and engraving work. Throughout the years, a big know-how was built in these specific subjects, and the machinery was extended and modernized again and again. The result was an ever growing customer base and field and market during this history.

From 1987, Peter Wyffels (3rd generation) stood at the helm of WP international. Around this period, the technology in our industry began to change thoroughly: the computer was introduced, both in the office and the workplace. This in turn led to several thorough ‘investment rounds’, because WP international commits itself to always deliver ‘state of the art’ products to its customers. Furthermore, the activities were expanded even more, with a complete range of signage and lettering.

Since 2008, the firm was housed at our new address and the new buildings where more than 2000 m² useful office space and workplaces are present and which gives us the possibility to maintain the rising production capacity and quality.

Mission & Vision

We, WP international and the people behind this firm, have a clear vision on our firm and the products that we produce together.

We feel very strongly about quality and service for the customers, what we will always aim for, that is our mission. Speed of action is just below that and is obviously also a part of our way of thinking.

When we have to choose between speed and quality, we will always choose for the quality, even if we sometimes lose customers because of that.

Every day, we are busy thinking of better production processes to obtain an even better quality, to obtain a higher return to the benefit of the customer and ourselves. Here, we aim for a win-win situation which is appreciated by everyone.

We never avoid challenges and nothing is too much for us to try to satisfy the customer in his/her need(s), to the extent to which something is technically possible.


In the first place, our company strives for satisfaction of our customers. We realise, just like you, dear customer, that it is not evident to keep on delivering quality in a competitive market, but at the same time we are sure that quality always comes to the surface and that is why we mainly choose this – in the past, now and in the future.

With that, we do not only mean the quality of the materials, but from the beginning already, starting from the quote request or during your visit in our showroom, we will communicate as clearly as possible.

Clear communication, speed of action, flexibility in the broadest sense of the word and inventiveness to think of solutions.

All of this results in obtaining one of the highest goals what a company aims at: a satisfied customer.