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In search of a stylish and professional name badge?

A name badge is an item which shows a name, function and/or logo on clothes in an organised way and completely in the corporate design. On exhibitions, conferences, events where a lot of people gather and even behind the counter of a shop, these name badges are popular because they see to a professional first impression to potential customers or visitors.

During such big events, a name tag is indispensable, seeing that they help to lower the threshold through which contacts with customers, visitors and dealers are made quicker and the chance of a quote request or order increases slightly because of this. Because of the impression that a name badge offers, this is also the start of building a durable and profitable customer relationship.

WP international distinguishes in its range a printed name badge and an engraved name badge. When and why do you choose best for which name badge?

Printed name badge

A printed name badge is an excellent choice when a (company) logo that is strongly detailed needs to be mentioned or a logo where one or multiple gradients are processed in. These name badges are a bit cheaper to get a name, function and/or logo on aluminium, in contrast to an engraved name tag, and are produced faster. That is why these name tags are ideal when an exhibition, conference or another event comes up soon.

Engraved name badge

For a stylish, classy feel and look on a exhibition, conference, event or behind the counter in a shop, an engraved name badge is an excellent choice. This name tag, made of aluminium or brass, forms, thanks to the indelible engraving of the name, function and/or logo in depth, a sophisticated whole which looks so beautiful that it catches the eye quickly.

In contrast to a printed name badge, an engraved name badge has an even higher and more beautiful finishing. Even more because the engraving, if desired and technically achievable, is painted in the respective colours of the corporate design so that the full picture is right.

Offer for your name badge

A name badge helps to professionalize the first impression to your customers or visitors during events and in the shop. They also make sure that the contact between your customers and yourself is more smoothly, because you are easier addressed that way. Interested?

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