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In search of a name badge printed with your name and/or logo(s)?

A name badge printed with a name, function and/or company logo(s) made of aluminium helps to facilitate the contact with a customers or visitor and not only on an exhibition, conference or event, but also behind the counter or reception in a shop or showroom. Next to lowering this threshold, these name tags are the ideal opportunity to extend the desired professionalism in order that the crucial first impression is certainly successful.

Usually, these printed name badges are cheaper than engraved name badges and they are the only solution when there is a complex detailed logo or when there are a lot of gradients in the layout.

But what are the other advantages of a name badge printed with a name or company logo?

Stylish first impression 

For big events, e.g. exhibitions or conferences, or behind a counter or reception in a shop, a printed name badge made of aluminium helps to make a stylish first impression to a potential customer or visitor. This way, he/she can not only give a name to the face and is this the beginning of a personal conversation, it also gives the desired publicity for you firm that gets stuck in the head of the customer, as long as there is a creative layout where both the name, function and/or logo are visible in one glance.

Different finishings and easy fastening

Next to the reinforcement of the first impression, a name badge printed with a name, function and/or logo is available in different finishings. Depending on the preferences, there is a choice between aluminium that is matte brushed or bright. For a better view of the original colours, there is also aluminium with a white background. This way, there is always a right and especially reusable solution in the range of WP international.

In view of practical ease, we provide a printed name badge with an easy, flexible fastening so that they can be used at any moment effortlessly. There is not only the classic safety-pin for this, but also a crocodile clip, the pin attachment and the magnetic closure without holes which contribute to the desired comfort.

Offer for your name badge printed with your name, function and logo

A name badge printed with a name, function and/or logo raises the chance that you are being addressed by customers and visitors on exhibitions, conferences or events or behind the counter in the shop. This way, you avoid the annoying question as well: what was your name again?

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May it be something more? Find out and check the advantages of a name badge with an engraving of your name, function and/or logo now and make the comparison yourself.

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