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In search of a name badge engraved with your name and/or logo(s)?

A name badge engraved with a name, function and/or company logo(s) made of aluminium or brass does not only make it easier for customers and visitors to see you as a point of contact during an exhibition, conference, event or behind the counter or reception of a shop, but at the same time it helps to make a professional first impression which is crucial for a potential quote request or sale.

Unlike a printed name tag, which is cheaper, a name tag with an indelible engraving exudes a bit more class. Moreover, this look and feel is reinforced when the name, function and/or logo is painted in the specific colours of the corporate design, which raises the recognizability of your firm immediately.

What other advantages does a name badge engraved with a name, function and/or logo give?

Professional first impression

Every engraved name badge made of aluminium or brass helps to leave a professional first impression to a customer or visitor and lowers the threshold to proceed to a personal conversation. Consequently, this name tag with a name and/or logo sees to the start of a prospective, successful customer relationship. After all, without making a good impression to the customer (e.g. on an exhibition) or making contact with him, there is no chance of a possible quote request or order.

To wrap this impression, which is made in the blink of an eye, around your finger, it is important to have a creative and well considered for the name badge so that it catches the eye quickly. This lay-out does not only make the name badge unique, but it also takes care of the desired publicity.

Choice between materials and simple fastening

At WP international, engraved name badges area are available in both aluminium and brass with different finishings. Especially the brass name badges exude something stylish, because, thanks to the high gloss polished execution, these name tags glimmer like a mirror. Furthermore, both bright aluminium and brushed and even aluminium name badges with a white background can be engraved and they can be painted afterwards according to the corporate design.

For a quick and simple fastening, there is not only the classic safety-pin but also a crocodile clip or a pin fixation are possibilities. Magnetic closure offers the biggest comfort because an engraved name badge is therefore effortlessly and in the blink of an eye attached to clothing without leaving a hole behind.

Offer for your name badge engraved with your name and/or logo

A name badge engraved with your name, function and/or logo raised the recognizability of both your firm as yourself on exhibitions, conferences or behind the counter in a shop and makes sure that you are addressed quicker for a possible quote request or order. Because, who likes to hear the question: what was your name again?

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Can your name badge be a bit cheaper? Find out and read more about the advantages of a name badge printed with your name and/or logo and compare the two of them.

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