Brass nameplate - brass nameplate

In search of a luxurious and stylish nameplate or name sign?

A brass nameplate or copper nameplate is a classic format but remains simultaneously a jewel of a nameplate. Because of the high-gloss polished brass, they reflect class and luxury, a look and feel that even can not be equalled by any other type of nameplate.

That is why this brass nameplate is not only a gorgeous execution for lovers of brass, liberal professions also choose this engraved nameplate regularly to extent their professional imago to their environment. Thanks to their exclusive, glossy look, these nameplates catch the eye easily and they offer a guarantee on a lot of curious looks.

Are you curious to see what the other advantages of an engraved brass nameplate are?

Gorgeous, brilliant gloss

At the entrance of a practice, residence or house, en engraved brass nameplate or name sign is a true "eye-catcher" again and again. Their high gloss polished treatment takes care of a true "mirror-effect", which leads to a gorgeous, brilliant gloss in order that visitors and passersby look full of admiration to and be impressed of your nameplate or nameplates.

If the warm look and feel of brass needs to remain, but the gloss may not be too conspicuous, then the brushing of a brass nameplate is the right solution. This way, the copper nameplate remains an option and other nameplates do not have to be considered, such as for example aluminium nameplates or plexi nameplates.

Extra dimension

To allow a brass nameplate to come to its best, a frame made of massive exotic hard wood sees to an absolute added value. This frame reinforces the warm look and fool that brass already has and makes the whole a show piece.

When this frame around a copper nameplate is not necessary, we have at least an equal and fitting alternative with a red or yellow brass patinated backplate. This backplate does not only protect the underlying wall or facade during the cleaning, but also gives an extra dimension to the engraved nameplate.

Flexible maintenance

To enjoy a long time of the beautiful, warm look and feel of a brass nameplate, the maintenance by using special brass polish is strongly recommended. At WP international, we recommend strongly to clean your engraved nameplate every week in order to obtain the gloss of old quickly and thus to get an optimal return of the investment.

For a flexible maintenance, the varnishing of a brass nameplate or name sign is an excellent choice. This extra protective layer helps to limit the maintenance and cleaning to a minimum for a number of years. When the varnishing and/or polishing needs to be done again, you better bring the nameplate in so WP international can do the process one more time.

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