Aluminium nameplate - aluminium name sign

In search of a durable, weatherproof and maintenance friendly aluminium nameplate?

An aluminium nameplate or an aluminium name sign has been popular for centuries for both privates as companies because this type of engraved nameplate is the most maintenance friendly. Because of the anodized surface, there is an in fact an additional protective layer provided so an aluminium nameplate is extremely weatherproof and sound. Because of all these reasons, such nameplate in aluminium is the best suited for long-lasting outdoor use.

Of what else do you take advantages when purchasing an engraved aluminium nameplate?

Durable and maintenance friendly

Every aluminium nameplate or name sign of WP international has a hard, wear resistant layer of anodic oxidation which does not only protect the underlying material, but also keeps it good looking for a long time. This protection benefits the durability and also brings the desired maintainability. Natural cleaning, such as rain, keeps the nameplate clean virtually automatically. Only dust needs to be removed in case of long-lasting dry weather.

Resistant to rain, sun, cold, sand and dust

Next to durability and maintainability, the anodization of an aluminium nameplate creates a weather resistance. Because of that, the nameplate is resistant to both rain, sun, cold, sand and dust in order that it is perfectly useful for outdoor use. Furthermore, with this, you get years of pleasure and return of your investment.

Different colours and imitations

Another big advantage is that aluminium nameplates or name signs are available in all kinds of finishings (for example matte, brushed or bright) and colours. These colours allow to imitate the "look" of other nameplates. That way, gold anodized aluminium is an imitation of a brass nameplate or inox look is a cheaper alternative on the similar material.

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