Plexi nameplate - plexi name sign

In search of a transparent, neutral plexi nameplate?

A plexi nameplate or a plexi name sign has a transparent and neutral look which is not dominant in the interior or exterior of your building. This does not only make nameplates made of plexiglas extremely popular among privates and companies, it also sees to perfect mix in case of a contrast between the used colours of your text(s), logo(s) or a combination of both and the underlying wall or facade through which a harmonious result arises.

When the text may be even more legible, a matted or frosted back offers the right solution and it facilitates the maintenance  simultaneously in order that you are at ease for years to come.

Read down below what the advantages and possibilities of plexi nameplates are.

Transparency and neutrality

Unlike nameplates made of others materials, for example aluminium nameplates or brass nameplates, a plexi nameplate our plexi name sign is clear and transparent through which it looks neutral. A consequence of this is that the plate does not take away all the attention of the interior or exterior of your building.

In spite of the sober look and feel, the plate can carry out high class, provided that the used text colours differ sufficiently from your wall or paries. Furthermore, the contrast sees to that the engraved text or logos are clearly legible from a distance and because of that, it forms a beautiful whole.

Increased legibility and facilitated maintenance

To give your nameplate made out of Plexiglas a bit more cachet, the frosting of the back by means of sandblast film sees to a fitting and beneficial solution. On one hand, this frosting helps to raise the legibility of your letters or logo extra, and even more when there are a lot of colours in the background, on the other hand, it facilitates the maintenance of the nameplate because scratches and dust are because of this quasi invisible.

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