Safety signaling - safety icons for buildings

Guarantee maximal safety in your building(s)

Safety signalling and icons have a vital function because their goal is to assure the safety in your building or buildings which makes them invaluable during an evacuation, calamity or emergency situation. Precisely that is why it is worth to give thought to how the safety signalling can be best taken care of.

For this purpose, WP international is the ideal partner because here you can find all categories (f.ex. evacuation, fire safety or prohibition) and materials of safety icons (f.ex. aluminium icons, plexi icons or inox icons) where you have a full freedom of choice so that you always find the right solution. Choosing the complete package assures you of maximal safety in your building(s).

Evacuation and brand safety 

First of all, evacuation signs are excellent to guide person who are still present in your building to outside the building. After all, these icons indicate the fastest and safest way to leave your building in case of an emergency. On the other hand, there are icons for fire safety or fire fighting which offer the required help and indicate tools to prevent further damages because of a calamity (e.g. a fire).

Danger and information indication

Besides, danger icons provide a clear indication of the possible dangers in your building so that your environment is warned and risks are limited to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, there are also indicator icons which are perfectly suitable to indicate toilets and rooms unambiguously or which give the required instructions to visitors.

Prohibition and commandment

Finally, integrating prohibition and commandment icons in the safety signalling of your building, helps to make your customers, suppliers and other visitors directly aware of what is prohibited and/or which mandatory measures they have to respect so that the maximum safety is ensured at all times.

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