Direct lettering

Direct lettering is the name for the direct application or lettering of texts and/or icons on walls, doors, glass, furniture etc …

It gives a whole other feeling: there is no true ‘support’ anymore, by which we mean, the sign or panel, in any material whatsoever, whether this is aluminium, plexiglass, in short, any kind of signalling system.

The indoor or outdoor signage or indoor signalling or outdoor signalling is more one with the building because of the lack of the support or signalling panel or profile. Of course, there are also limitations to the direct lettering system: you can only letter on flat and smooth walls, so not on rough bricks for example, and ceiling or perpendicular mounting is logically impossible.

Adding signalling, texts, logos or icons is always possible. Removing of what is existing is also possible, at least if the surface doesn’t get loose during the removal, for example on paint that doesn’t attach 100% to its surface. Something that we cannot do anything about.
On formica, most of the laminates or trespa panels, this is normally not a problem.

Types of Direct lettering
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