Notice boards

Ad valvas signs & displaying: two words of the many names of advalvas displays or displays which make it possible to mount documents in a protected environment.
Words such as display cabinets, ad valvas signs, notice boards, showcases, etc … all serve to name the same product, we see that everyone has his own name for that.
Notice board is also another name for it …
With “protected environment” we especially mean the possibility to touch the documents or to remove them, so behind glass or a window, mostly to seal with a lock. Or in a poster frame behind a protective mica.
We also mean that some display cabinets or ad valvas signs are also suitable for outside use: so they protect the documents (posters, letters, folders, …) against influences of weather such as rain or wind.

Finally we can say that most of these display cabinets can be provided with energy-saving LED lighting. Everything made to measure.
So, hang up all your documents and “ spread the word ! “