Lettering or labelling boats - yachts

In search of lettering or labelling of a boat or yacht?

Lettering or labelling of boats or yachts helps to make a vessel clearly visible and recognizable from a distance by means of a boat name, home port or registration number and offers a beautiful opportunity to make successful (read as: profitable) advertising or publicity for a firm or organisation. Every boat or yacht with applied lettering is a showpiece after all, because thanks to the creative design, the vessel catches the eye immediately, both during the arrival at and the departure from a port.

Because of the aggressive, but natural environment in which a boat or yacht exposes itself on a daily basis, only the film of the highest quality is used, which is also resistant to all kinds of extreme weather conditions. That is why on one hand the self-adhesive lettering by means of vinyl or on the other hand a digital print in full-colour, which is mat or glossy laminated, is chosen, depending on the complexity of the used figures, drawing or texts.

Why is a lettering or labelling of boats and yachts a good choice?

Endless possibilities with an excellent price-quality ratio

When lettering or labelling boats or yachts, the possibilities are not only limited to only mentioning the boat name, home port or registration number. Decorative letterings, e.g. a striping, motive or a combination of pictures, figures, drawings or texts lead to a gorgeous end result, and even when the vessel needs to be provided with advertising or publicity, the freedom of choice is really big so to let the creativity run wild.

Together with the goal of the lettering or labelling, our design and production department takes a look at the complexity of the idea and the elaborated design. Based on this, they suggest high-grade self-adhesive film or vinyl or a mat/glossy laminated digital print in full-colour which is specifically resistant to the extreme weather conditions (including sea water, salt, sun and humidity) in which the vessel is in practically every day in order to obtain a pleasure of the investment for years.

Finally, the attractive price-quality ratio helps to make the choice for a lettering of a boat or yacht a bit easier.

Offer for the lettering of your boat or yacht

Lettering or labelling of boats and yachts is always an added value because it makes sure that the vessel is highly visible in a port or alongside a quay. To produce and place this properly and professionally, you find the partner par excellence with WP international.

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Did you know that we are also responsible for the lettering of vehicles, because we are also specialist in the lettering of cars and private cars, the lettering of lorries, the lettering of oldtimers, the lettering of shop windows and/or the lettering of airplanes and helicopters.

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