Lettering or labelling oldtimers

In search of a lettering or labelling of old-timers?

Lettering or labelling of old-timers is a strong, beneficial form of advertising or publicity on an antique vehicle, for both professional as private goals, which offers an added value because it gives the old car either a new or modern look or it preserves the authentic look that the old-timer exudes. By driving around regularly with such an old-timer, on which a creative design is applied, ensures that the attention of lovers and curious passers by who are potentially interested in buying the vehicle is drawn even quicker.

Each of these letterings or labellings is temporary or permanent in nature and, depending on the difficulty of the design, therefore self-adhesive lettering by means of vinyl or a digital print in full-colour that is mat or glossy laminated in full-colour is chosen. A combination of both methods is also possible and is executed to get a high return out of the investment.

What are the other advantages of lettered or labeled old-timers?

Lettering that gives something extra

Just like with a car or private car, the lettering of an old-timer mostly has the aim to advertise or publicize for an organisation, firma or itself. That is why, based on every creative idea and together with the experience of our design department, an original design is made so that it draws the attention of passers by from a distance and simultaneously helps to excite the interest of possible buyers of, on the one hand, the concerned products or services and one the other hand, in the vehicle itself.

For such lettering of old-timers, the possibilities with our high-grade self-adhesive lettering by means of vinyl or film, or a digital print in full-colour that is mat or glossy laminated (and which protects the used colours) are truly endless, because only creativity is a possible limit. Depending on the goal (temporary versus permanent) and the complexity of the used texts, logos, colours and drawings, a choice between both methods is made, but even a combination of both is possible with the goal to obtain a return and quality level as high as possible.

By placing this lettering neatly, properly and professionally in our special lettering space, the vehicle gets a new, modern look or the authenticity of the old-timers remains intact. Investing one-time only in such a labelling is an excellent choice because it is strong advertising that, in case of a strong design, stays in the head of any one who sees this.

Offer for the lettering of your old-timer

Lettering or labelling of old-timers helps to retain or renew the original charm of the vehicle and gives the desired profitable advertising or publicity. In search of a partner for your lettering? At WP international you can count on years of experience and advice.

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Types of Lettering or labelling oldtimers