Sandblast film - glass film - decorative film

In search of sandblast film to blind/frost windows?

Sandblast film is a glass foil or decorative foil that helps to guarantee the privacy or discretion in a glass space, office or hallway because this frosting or blinding avoids both the peep-through and the peep-in. Sandblasting a window or wall of glass ensures that this sight is blocked/obstructed as it were with a minimum of light loss as a result of which there does not have to be lighted additionally and this serves as legitimate glass security in a building.

Next to retaining the privacy, the sandblast film gives a publicity effect when only a partial frosting or blinding of the glass surface or glass area is desired. At least, by providing decorative cut-outs of text, brand or company names, logos, patterns or striping in this mat window film, stylish and elegant advertising is made for a firm or organisation.

What are other reasons to pick sandblast film?

Strategical and qualitative restriction of the view in glass areas

Every building or office has a number of glass areas where privacy and/or discretion are important and where sandblast film on the glass surface is the solution to limit the view partially or completely for outsiders/unauthorized individuals. A frosting or blinding of the glass area by means of this mat window film helps to retain the peep-through and the peep-in without having a lot of light loss (+- 5%), because it is not the intention of this glass film to make the space darker. 

Thanks to the versatility of sandblast film, this film can not only be stuck alongside the inside of tha glass, because the weather resistance of the material ensures that this mat window film is nevertheless suitable for outdoor use, admittedly executed in mirror writing in case of cut-outs. These cut-outs take place in case of a partial frosting or blinding of a glass wall and they allow to integrate texts, names, patterns or stripings in the decorative sandblast film so that advertising and publicity for the firm or organisation is made internally and externally.

Finally, the frosting or blinding of windows contributes to the provision of the legal glass security (e.g. in public buildings). The placing of sandblast film makes it clear that it is about a glass area by which the chance of crashing into and injuries because of the glass is nonexistent.

Offer for sandblast film on your windows

Sandblast film is a special glass film or decorative film that helps to assure the privacy or discretion of a glass space, but which also leads to a stylish result in case of decorative blanks of texts, logos and drawings.

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Types of Sandblast film - glass film - decorative film