Curved safety icons

Curved safety icons - mix of design and functionality

Curved safety signs or Curvo Plus icons are a beautiful execution to provide the safety signaling of your classic or modern building because the design fits perfectly with their functionality. Not only does a curved sign or Curvo Plus sign assure the safety or does it guide your visitors, customers of suppliers via the evacuation routes to the outside of the building, but at the same time it provides a professional charisma thanks to their unique look and feel. 

When and why do I choose best for curved safety signs?

When thinking about how the safety signalling of your residency, apartment or classic or modern building looks best, Curvo Plus icons are an excellent choice when one of the factors down below play an important role:

  • Unique and simple design
  • Uniformity of signage and signalling
  • Can be used anywhere

Unique design

Different to other systems (e.g. PVC icons) a curved safety icon has an unique and simple design so that it has a nice, elegant charisma. After all, the system consists of a softly curved holder of high-grade aluminium and accompanying vertical inox tabs so that Curvo Plus icons catch the eye quickly so that they add a modern twist to your building.


Some builders, owners or architects of buildings rather seek uniformity so that the signalling can be extended in one go. Even the do Curvo Plus signs offer a suitable solution seeing that this is easily compatible with the wider signage system in Curvo Plus, such as Curvo Plus door signs or Curvo Plus directories.

Can be used anywhere

Inside your building, a curved safety sign or Curvo Plus sign can be used anywhere thanks to the different mounting methods. Next to the flat mounting, there is as it happens the possibility to fix the desired number of signs both perpendicular to the wall as on the ceiling. That way, you have all things under control in terms of choosing where your signalling should be.

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Types of Curved safety icons