Module plus icons

Module Plus icons for a uniform and modular safety signalling

Module Plus icons are a part of the similar modular signage system and therefore they provide an uniform and integrated safety signaling inside and outside your building(s). Furthermore, you take the future into account with this stylish total solution and you enjoy the quality and flexibility for many years, which take a centre stage in this system.

Strengths of safety icons in Module Plus

By buying Module Plus signs for indicating the evacuation routes and room indications inside and outside your building(s), you can be sure that you have made the right choice. After all, the system is perfectly suited because of the:

  • Modularity and quality
  • Perfect integration and uniformity
  • Flexible mounting

Modularity and quality

The biggest advantage of the system Module Plus is that the safety icons are modular. This ensures that you are always guarded to sudden changes in the future, because both your icons, texts and panels are replaced effortlessly.

Besides, the system is composed of aluminium and accompanying black or grey nylon end caps so that you do not only have a properly finished signalling system for your building(s), but you also take advantage of the durability, sturdiness and quality of the material permanently.

Perfect integration and uniformity

Next to the beautiful and modern look that a Module Plus icon exudes, it is perfectly integrable in the wider and similar modular signage system, so that you get a total package at WP international. This provides a uniform signalling both inside and outside your building(s).

Flexible mounting

Finally, these safety icons in the system Module Plus offer the advantage that they can be mounted in all kinds of ways. That is why there is not only a flat mounting by means of bonding possible, but the system can also be mounted perpendicularly or to the ceiling, either fixed or pendulum. This makes sure that you are sure of the best fitting mounting for your building(s).

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Types of Module plus icons