Plexi icons

Plexi icons | stylish neutral safety signaling

Plexi signs are a crystal-clear system to make the legally required safety signaling of your classic or new building stylish and modern. The colourless, transparent plastic material is at its best when neutrality in your building is of importance. When the system may be a little more present in your interior, then frosted or matted plexi icons - with which scratches and dust are practically made invisible - are the appropriate alternative.

Next to their stylish look, plexi icons have their well-known important and practical function. In emergency situations, they guide your visitors in a successful way by i.e. indicating the present evacuation routes and dangers to them, by which you take care of absolute security in your building.

Transparent plexi icons

Transparent plexi icons are particularly suited to indicate the indoor signalling of your building loud and clear. Not only is it not possible to imitate their unique look with any other material, plexi icons are also not dominant in the interior of your building because of their neutrality and this way, you exude a certain sober class.

Neat finishing

Together with the different possibilities of mounting (flat, perpendicular, ceiling, pendulum), transparent plexi icons form a beautiful whole that, in function of the suspension, is finished neatly. Thereby, an inox deluxe ceiling suspension system is the absolute icing on the cake.

Frosted plexi icons

Frosted plexi icons are the appropriate alternative when the system may be a little more present in your interior. Providing Matt sandblast film along the back does not only sharpen the reading contrast, but scratches and dust are almost invisible because of this. Besides, it can help to hide the background simultanuously.

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Types of Plexi icons