PVC icons

PVC icons for a practical and beneficial safety signalling

PVC icons or icons made of plastic help you to be legally in order with the safety signaling of your building(s), factory or sports hall, residency(/ies) or studio(s). With these safety icons made of PVC, you simultaneously find the cheapest solution to make your environment aware of the different evacuation routes, the possible dangers and the imposed obligations in your building(s).

Advantages of PVC icons

To provide your building(s) of the required safety signalling, PVC icons are an extremely beneficial choice. These advantages are threefold:

  1. Cheap and practical
  2. UV-resistant and impact resistant
  3. Professional placement

Cheap and practical

For the safety signaling in your building(s), qualitative PVC safety icons are the best choice when price is an important factor for you. Given that design and look and feel are less important in this system, they have a low price per unit when compared to Curvo Plus icons or Module Plus icons.

Despite this sober look and feel of signs made of PVC or plastic, they have an important value in your building(s). Safety signs made of PVC do not only give guidelines to your direct environment in case of an evacuation, but they also indicate various dangers and prohibitions so that every person knows what te do in emergency situations.

Besides, these PVC icons are very practical for you, seeing that they can be used anywhere. The system can be applied to both smooth surfaces, by means of self-adhesive strips, and less smooth surfaces by means of additional bonding of the icons with our special polymer adhesive.

UV-resistant and impact resistant

Every safety icon made of PVC or plastic are characterised by quality and decency. That is why these icons are not only printed by means of high-grade ink which provides a high UV resistance, but they are also impact resistant. Because of that, you enjoy the durability of this system for years to come.

Professional placement

Finally, it is possible to place the requested amount of PVC safety icons by our experienced WP-installation team. Because of that, you are completely carefree and you can count on the professionalism and quality which we seek to achieve daily.

Request an offer for your PVC icons

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