Safety icons in aluminium

In search of durable and solid signalling for in your building?

Safety icons in aluminium are the best execution when quality and solidity are important factors when choosing a signalling system for your building. Thanks to the anodised aluminium, these durable icons are not only solid and rigid, but they are also heavily resistant to all kinds of weather influences, e.g. humidity and rain, making them perfect for inside and outside your building.

Not only do aluminium pictograms have good, strong characteristics, but there is also a wide choice in the way of mounting (e.g. flat, perpendicular or pendulum suspension) and in the different designs or looks (e.g. austere or curved). That way, you are sure of the one and only right solution for your building.

Advantages of safety signs in aluminium 

Quality, weather resistance and sturdiness

Each icon in aluminium is treated by means of a layer of anodic oxidation, some sort of protective layer as it were, so that is beneficial for the durability. One of the great advantages of this is that the safety icon is wear resistant and that it has a higher corrosion resistance. Because of that, maintenance is very easy, because the rain takes care of a natural cleansing in case of outdoor use.

Furthermore, this anodization assures that a safety icon in aluminium is damp proof, rainproof and UV-resistant so that the highest weathering resistance is obtained, which makes the system even better for outdoor use in aggressive environments (e.g. the coast) and so that a year-long joy and pleasure can be obtained from the investment.

Next to these big trumps, these wear resistant aluminium signs are, in contrast to e.g. PVC icons, very sturdy but at the same time light in weight.

Different mounting possibilities, designs and looks

In general, safety icons in aluminium are mounted flat on a wall or paries by means of a self-adhesive back with extra bonding if necessary. Next to this flat execution, it is possible to mount these signs perpendicular to the wall or ceiling by means of a special holder. Even a pendulum suspension by means of an inox cable suspension set is possible and provides a luxurious and professional look and feel.

To accentuate things in the signalling in your building, several designs and looks are available with aluminium icons. When it has to be more austere and modern, then Module Plus icons or I-sign icons are an excellent choice. If design plays a bigger role, then there are curved safety signalling systems such as Curvo Plus icons or Strato icons.

One thing is certain: at WP international you are sure of the best and right solution!

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Types of Safety icons in aluminium