Safety icons in dibond

In search of a decent and weatherproof signalling for your building?

Safety icons in dibond or alu-sandwich are a certainty to qualitative signalling because they are excellently resistant to all kinds of weather influences, such as humidity or UV rays. Therefore, these austere and decent icons are perfectly suitable when you want to maximise the safety inside and outside your building.

Next to these advantages, dibond icons are very sturdy and steady, despite the light weight of the material. When additional sturdiness plays an important role, then there are different thicknesses that you can choose and there are even several colours of the holder possible so that you are always sure of the right solution.

Curious to see what the other advantages are? Read more about it down below and make your choice easier!

Trumps of safety signs in dibond or alu-sandwich 

Long lifetime, weatherproof and solid

Every sign in dibond or aluminium sandwich consists of two fine aluminium top layers between which a sufficiently thick plastic layer is sandwiched. Both materials provide a decent icon with a long lifetime.

To take maximum advantage of the advantages of this signalling system, you better use these icons outside. After all, they are protected to external influences in the largest sense of the word: weatherproof, windproof and temperature resistant.

The dibond material contributes to the desired sturdiness of the icon. Extra solidity is always possible by deviating of the standard thickness so that you always have the customized solution.

Light, flat, austere and sturdy
Despite the fact that the thickness of safety signs in dibond or alu-sandwich are bigger then e.g. safety icons in aluminium, these icons are light in weight and very rigid. Besides, their flatness and austerity provides a modern look and these dibond icons are very sturdy so that they do not widen in case of outdoor use.

Different mounting methods
Usually, we provide these dibond or aluminium sandwich icons of a self-adhesive back, if necessary, with additional bonding to ensure a decent placement, but when this is desired or according to the available space or situation, a perpendicular mounting to the wall or ceiling by means of a special holder is also possible. Can it be something more? Then a luxurious inox cable suspension set, which assures a classy look and feel, is an ideal choice.

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Types of Safety icons in dibond