Strato Safety icons

In search of extraordinary and modern signalling for your building?

Strato safety icons are one of the variants within aluminium icons where curviness is at the centre. After all, the unique design consists of a series of softly curved profiles with straight sides which are properly finished with plastic or aluminium end caps. Therefore, this signalling system exudes professionalism and it catches the eye even more so that you guarantee an increased safety in your building.

Next to the design, Strato icons have their flexibility as an indisputable advantage. When using paper prints, these icons are effortlessly replaced so that your safety signalling is always up-to-date.

Advantages of Strato safety icons

Contemporary, special and modular
Strato safety icons are made of anodized aluminium so that you can take advantage of the advantages for years, such as impact resistance, sturdiness, weather resistance. Because of the softly curved profiles with straight sides, the system is modern and very special. Furthermore, the plastic or aluminium end caps assure a neat finishing , which assures a professional charisma.

Furthermore, the icon in the system Strato is completely modular so that icons can be replaced with great ease. A paper print in the proper format is protected by a plexi covering plate after all and you can replace this at any moment.

Do you rather use a direct lettering? No problem. We change the icon effortlessly so that you do not have to buy a complete new piece. As a result, you win both time and you save money.

Professional mounting
When placing safety icons in Strato, you have the desired flexibility. Whereas these are normally mounted flat on the wall or paries, but a perpendicular mounting to the wall or ceiling with a special holder is always possible. By using a luxurious cable suspension set of stainless steel, you put the icing on the cake yourself and therefore, your signs stand out even more.

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Types of Strato Safety icons