Module Plus

The Module Plus Indoor system consists of a series of flat aluminium profiles in various widths, with the 31 mm module as a basic measure. All other profiles are a multiple of that 31 mm module and make the whole modular in the broadest sense of the word: Module Plus!
The profiles can easily be ‘clicked’ on the plastic end caps (and can be taken off just as easily) and that way it forms all kinds of Module Plus door signs, Module Plus icons, Module Plus directories, Module Plus hall entrance signs …
Both one-sided signalling boards for wall mounting and double-sided systems for suspension (pendulum suspension) or perpendicular or transversal mounting are realizable.
The Module Plus Indoor System does not only offer you a simple though versatile and especially flexible (read: modular) standard solution, it also gives possibilities to emphasize own things at the client’s request. and to construct tailored products from the basis.
Door signs or wall boards made out of this Module Plus system can also be mounted outside buildings.

Types of Module Plus