Strato line

STRATO line is a flexible, contemporary signalling system consisting of a series of slightly curved profiles with straight sides. Family of the Curvo Plus, but a bit tighter … Just like the Curvo Plus, a paper data carrier, or so to say printed sheets (the common DIN formats are mostly used but customization is also possible) can be placed in the profiles and this behind a non-reflective acrylate cover plate.
Other inserts in plastic or metal are also possible, even a direct lettering or printing on the profiles is one of the possibilities which assures that these plates can be used outside on the façade .
For the finishing, the customer has the choice between end caps made of synthetic material or aluminium, as with the Module Plus.
There are also several bigger profiles and end caps in the range which make it possible to make directories with a width of 400 mm, 500 mm and 600 mm.

Types of Strato line