Order here your safety sign

Blank with line

No smoking

Open flames forbidden

Do not walk here

No access for unauthorised people

Pedestrians prohibited

Dogs forbidden

Forbidden to clean hands

Forbidden to drink water

Not drinking water

No swimming

Do not extinguish with water

Forbidden to throw garbage

No trucks

Climbing onto the forklift forbidden

No forklift trucks

No bicycles allowed

No bicycles

No motorbikes

No entry

Stop sign/obligated to stop

No parking

No parking/loading and unloading

No parking

Max. Speed 5 km

Max. Speed 10 km

Max. Speed 15 km

Max. Speed 20 km

Max. Speed 25 km

Max. Speed 30 km

Max. Speed 50 km

Max. Speed 60 km

Max. Speed 70 km

Max. Speed 75 km

Max. Speed 90 km

Max. height 1m80

Max. height 1m90

Max. height 2m00

Max. height 2m10

Max. height 2m20

Eating and drinking forbidden

No food and drinks allowed

No icecream

No flash

No cameras/pictures

Pacemakers forbidden

Pacemakers forbidden

No access for people with metalic implants

Do not wear gloves

No shoes allowed

Metal objects forbidden

No MP3 players

D'ont use this equipment in a bath

No cellphones

Animal droppings forbidden

Forbidden to pee

Forbidden to take a shit

Do not touch

Do not touch, electrical hazard

Do not grip

Forbidden to connect without authorisation

LPG not allowed

Cars forbidden

Don't use the lift in case of fire

Forbidden to use the lift

Don't use the lift in case of fire

Do not obstruct

Heavy load forbidden

No grinding

No grinding flat

No grinding wet

Forbidden to knot the rope

Don't push

forbidden to step on it

Forbidden to sit